10+ Wellness Gift Ideas

Would you like to support the health and wellness of your loved ones?  If so, you might be looking for a wellness gift!

Here are some ideas to help you give the gift of wellness. 

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The gift of Education

Favorite herbal and health books are both beautiful and filled with helpful tips for anybody interested in living healthy.  


Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health is an invaluable resource with all kinds of ideas on how to use herbs in everyday ways, and to support your entire family's health.  Rosemary is a living legend and considered to be a  leading voice of the modern herbal movement. 

David Hoffman's Holistic Herbal is definitely a classic.  I am especially fond of it, since David was a primary instructor at the herb school I attended!  After nearly 30 years, I still look to this reference before any other book.  This is great for someone wanting to understand the systems behind herbal theory. 

Newer releases

A new one by a favorite herbal figure of today, Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal is getting a lot of great reviews. Rosalee De La Foret has a gentle, sweet approach that I find inspiring.  Rosalee has a very informative blog as well.   

Do you know someone who would love this overview of poses with insight on how that pose can help reduce stress or increase flexibility? Yoga The Top 100 Best Yoga Poses is another highly-rated wellness book that I want for myself. 

 The gift of Aromatherapy

Essential  oils are an uplifting and pleasant way to impact-day to-day wellness.  The oils and related appliances to diffuse the oils make perfect gifts. 

Sweet River Wellness's own aromatherapy necklaces make wonderful gifts for young women who are into "clean living."   The necklace comes with 2 essential oil blends.  Add gift wrapping and we will include a short personal note! 

Here is an attractive metal diffuser with a quiet motor.  100 ml capacity. Perfect for the work space! 

The sand-blasted glass ultrasonic diffuser is especially pretty when lit!  230 ml capacity, recommended for up to 1000 sq ft. 

For the person who already has a collection of essential oils,  gift this Essential Oil Box.  It's a wooden storage case that holds 75 bottles & roller balls. Comes with  labels for the bottles.  


  The gift of Self Care

How many of us prioritize everyone else first, then end up never getting to the personal care part of our day? Let your loved ones know they deserve to be pampered a little bit. 

The gift of massage  is one that just never gets old! 

This is a mechanical beauty product I haven't tried yet, but I really want to!  I add it here because the reviews mention it is beautiful and would make a great gift!  I like the idea of a micro facial cleanse with hot and cold settings.  Sounds like a delightful spa treatment at home. 

The gift of Happiness

Do you know someone who lives where winter is particularly long? Or perhaps they live in the rainy Northwest? The Verilux HappyLight Full Spectrum Lamp can make a big difference!  Or perhaps the smaller, the portable version will fit your loved ones needs better. 

The gift of Good Taste

Celtic Salts moved to Asheville many years ago and I have been a fan since.  I've recommended Celtic Salts to many people for nutrient density.  Chefs recommend Celtic Salts for flavor.  This cute refillable salt and pepper set is an easy way to introduce the Celtic difference, and makes a wonderful, affordable gift.   


For children

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game  was inspired by a four year old, but don't let that fool you!  This game is great for kids of all ages, including younger ones because no reading is required.  A cooperative board game, players learn about different plants, particularly first aid applications.  This is a newly revised version! 



There are many more healing options to consider as you give.  Hopefully this  inspires you to think of positive healing gift options.  Why not?  Healthy is the new hot! 


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