Infusion Method of Making Tea

The infusion, also known as tea or more accurately as a tisane, is used for the above-ground parts of plants such as leaves or flowers. 

Simply cover the leaf or flowers with almost boiling water and allow to steep from 2-10 minutes, or up to overnight for a stronger infusion.  

Traditional black tea is usually steeped for less time (2-3 min) to avoid drawing out the more bitter components.  

For a stronger infusion and a greater impact on health,  steep the herbs longer.  Overnight steeping is often suggested by herbalists when looking for the greatest therapeutic activity from the brew. 

NOTE:  If the water has come to a boil, let it “settle down” a couple of minutes before pouring over herbs,  so it cools a bit.  170-185 degrees is the ideal temperature range for an infusion.

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