Holy Basil Force

Holy Basil Force

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6928 mg of whole Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) concentrated into 536 mg extract

This amazing Holy Basil extract is produced with clean solvent methods including water and supercritical extraction, a solvent for oils using pressure to capture a wide spectrum of oil-soluble components. By utilizing these  methods, New Chapter's end product contains a complete spectrum of both the water and oil soluble components of the Holy Basil. 

Take as food:  These little caps also make a wonderful tea, simply poke a hole in the cap then add to a mug with hot water.  

Also known as Tulsi, Holy Basil is a favorite  food and tea beverage world-wide, known for it's delicious flavor and soothing nature.  Research has supported traditional use for immune and cognitive health.  Holy Basil is best known for it's calming and uplifting effect.  Great choice for those under a great deal of stress or for anyone looking to support mental wellness. 

NOTE: We like to take Holy Basil during the day but some people find this one makes them sleepy and prefer to take it at night.  You might choose to try at night for the first time in order to check your own response. 

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