Linden Leaf and Flower

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Ethically wildcrafted in the beautiful Asheville region. 

4 oz bag

Known as the "nectar of kings" in ancient times, this is a beloved tea in Europe and America.  The broad set of actions from Linden (Tillia spp) to support general health helps to explain this lofty title!

Linden is favored for ability to help with nervous tension, digestion and  headaches.  The liver and kidney get a boost from Linden, and it's sometimes combined with hawthorn to complement a heart support protocol.    

Linden is traditionally used as a first line of defense to feeling that cold coming on. It works well as a bath and may help clear up respiratory pathways and pores to promote detox.  The bath will help you sleep more deeply. 

For very best results, make a big infusion to drink and reserve 2-4 cups to add to a hot bath.  


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