What is health coaching?

Health and Wellness Coaching is a client-led transformative process, where the coach listens and the client identifies various roadblocks getting in the way of your  goals.  Together, coach and client look for ways to help you address these roadblocks. 

New habits could include a range of lifestyle upgrades that help by reducing stress and inflammation and increasing nutritional density. 

At the beginning of your journey with a health coach, you will set your personal goals.  During the program, the coach and yourself will brainstorm small changes that will help you achieve these goals.  This is not dieting or a temporary fix.  This is a way to live your best life, a way to personalize the food and habit choices you make going forward.   

Why does health coaching work?

Health coaches are trained to create a supportive environment that enables YOU to articulate and achieve your goals. Our coaches have learned cutting-edge dietary theory and coaching techniques that help clients make small, individualized changes over 6 months.  The cumulative effect of small changes really adds up, more than you think possible!  

Do I really need 6 months? 

You can expect big results thanks to a personalized approach to finding the best nutrition for you while focusing on other primary health goals. 

Each session is designed to leave you feeling inspired and motivated.  Our mutual goal is to seek balance in all areas of your life.  

You will have ample chances to discuss your own unique life, health, and goals at length.  This level of focus on your health is quite often  the most valuable component.  When is the last time you put  your own needs first? 

Sticking with the program for 6 months allows for deep change to occur. 

Our 12 sessions together give ample time to cover all aspects of your health including relationships, finances and other typical stressors. 


However, some people do quite well with 1- or 3-month programs.

Each person is unique! You can always start with 1-month and then decide if going further makes sense or not. 



Still not sure if this if for you? 

Quite often, it is the non-food areas which are acting as roadblocks.  Time allows us to uncover the hidden challenges. 

An accountability partner (coach) can be  very strong motivation for you to take action.  We will be checking in with your progress together.  We will navigate the natural ups and downs of your progress together.  You will develop new skills to use for the rest of your life. 


    Could this be for you?

    • Are you gaining more and more weight, even though you are eating a healthy diet?

    • Do you have trouble with weight in the mid-section or belly fat?

    • Do you have dry skin or brittle hair?

    • Do you feel exhausted, especially in the afternoon?

    • Does it seem your metabolism gets slower and slower?

    • Do you have puffiness or bloating?

    • Are you unsure of which diet is going to work best for YOU?

    • Would you like a customized program designed to address your main concerns? 

    • Would you like to work with a trained "listener" who will help you dig into personal roadblocks?

    • Are you ready to make some changes? 

    Don't worry! There is no wrong answer here. If you have one or more of these concerns, then you are in the right place. 

    Our Sweet River Health Coaching Programs

    are designed to help you turn your metabolism back to a younger time.  This boost in metabolism will help you keep trim and be overall more healthy!  

    If you could use a listening ear, a cheerleader and an accountability partner rolled into one, this just might be for you!

    We will focus on multiple channels for improving your metabolic rate , such as:
    • Re-setting your metabolism, if it is low from years of "dieting" and low-calorie consumption
    • Learning how to keep your body from adapting to a single diet approach
    • Learning how to increase and balance the hormones associated with weight gain and in particular belly fat
    • Learning which foods boost metabolism and which foods work against it
    • Exploring how your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual components have a part in your metabolism, including stress
    • Looking at toxic exposure and integrating a "kickoff cleanse" 


    Book your INITIAL FREE SESSION now

    Let's explore your health goals and learn how I might help you get to the next level with your personal goals. 

    We will spend up to 30 minutes to discuss your goals and concerns.  If it seems I could help you even more, we will figure out the best program for you. 


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