About Karen and Sweet River Wellness

If it has to do with surviving an elimination diet, you are in the right place. 



Let’s start here, (check all that apply):


I’m here because I …


  1. am tired of gas or bloating that makes me uncomfortable or not fit into my clothes
  2. know that some foods don’t work for me but I’m not sure which ones
  3. have tried doing an Elimination Diet but I became discouraged and gave up
  4. am trying to figure out which Elimination Diet is right for me: AIP, low FODMOP, WHOLE30, a detox or anti-inflammatory diet
  5. am struggling to get started on my Elimination Diet even though I know I need to do it
  6. was told to do an Elimination Diet by a health care provider and I feel lost about how to get started


Well there is GREAT NEWS my friend! There is no wrong answer.  If any, or all, of the above apply to you, you’re in the right spot.


I’m Karen Hardie and it’s my goal to help you figure out how to manage an elimination diet so you can get rid of all the uncomfortable symptoms and not starve in the process!





Why I’m passionate about Elimination Diets


Even when I was younger, very thin, and eating a whole foods diet I still had a little belly.  I thought it was “my body type” because my mother had a big belly and I fell into an attitude of being stuck with it.  Once I hit mid-life, it got even worse!


It wasn’t until I did my first elimination diet that I really began to understand how particular foods, or in my case drinks, can create an inflammatory response and cause bloating.  Turns out, I can simply skip the coffee and alcohol, and no bloat!  And while it is not easy to give these beloved beverages up, I feel so much better when I do. 


My interest in learning more about how my own body responds to food led me to try out a number of different approaches including AIP and low-inflammation diets.


Along the way I’ve learned tips and recipes to stay on track.  I am passionate to share this insight with you.


I first learned the concept of the Elimination Diet through my herbal studies (California School of Herbal Studies, 1989-1991).  As I helped people with digestive distress, I encouraged them to try out an Elimination Diet and when they could manage to do it, they had success.  I avoided the process for a long time because I didn't really have any digestive problems. And I knew I'd have to give up something I love.  Even still, there was the dreaded belly.

It was diving into the personal transformation via my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) that inspired me to go ahead and try an Elimination Diet or 2. It was an awakening, because I felt so much better when eating clean.  My belly flattened out.  Reintroducing the coffee caused immediate bloating, and aha! The light bulb went off.

After receiving my Certification in May 2019, I took my interest even further with an advanced course on Gut Health through IIN.


Now, I am convinced that everyone can benefit from checking for food sensitivities.  It is an integral part of my coaching program and a topic I love to discuss.  Many people are unaware of the connection between trigger foods and inflammation, just like I was with the coffee and alcohol.  Testing by elimination is the best way to determine. 

The good news is that it is possible to reset your digestion and figure out an approach to eating that works exactly for you.  

The Elimination Diet is a gold standard test for determining any intolerance and for determining your own best healthy eating plan.  Together we will work within the pillars of good nutrition and according to any guidance from your primary health care provider.  It's all about what works in your life, with your needs, and within your ability to manage. 


My approach to health coaching is all about personalizing the process to each individual.  Food is only one part of overall wellness so rest assured we will also talk about other areas of your life including emotional wellness, physical fitness, financial wellness and relationships.  All of these areas make up the whole person and all is connected to how you feel.   


On a more personal note~

I love walking in the rain

A few more random facts about me:


  • I traveled around in a van when I was just 18-19 years old, camping, hiking, and touring natural hot springs on the West Coast
  • During that time, I got lost in the Wind River Wilderness in Wyoming for 3 days which led me to an interest in wild edible foods and to the California School of Herbal Studies
  • I met Carlos Santana in San Francisco! He and I were standing in at the War Memorial Opera House to pick up our tickets for a Miles Davis show. Oh yea, Mr. Santana was an absolute sweetheart and bombarded me with questions about my life!
  • I wanted to be a Rockette when I was a little girl and I still love tap dance
  • My biggest accomplishment in life is to have raised a smart, strong, and compassionate daughter who is my pride and joy
  • I love going to the gym and listening to podcasts, it feels like a little escape from the day
  • In early 2001 I spent 17 days in Ecuador on a trip to meet local healers across the country with an Ecuadorian ethnobotanist and the godmother of herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar
  • In 2011, I got to meet Paul Stamets (a famous mycologist) and tour his mushroom labs in Washington State. This means a lot to me because I am a huge fan of fungi!
  • I love a Sunday hike with my boyfriend


If you'd like to learn more about elimination diets, check out my blog article on personalizing your eating plan

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