We are inspired to bring you a Sweet River of information, in honor of our teachers and elders who have gone before us. 

Karen and Maryosha are a mother and daughter team of herbal enthusiasts dedicated to making it easy for you to add healthy herbs, foods, and drinks to your routine.  We aim to help you lower stress and inflammation, to benefit you now and in the future. 

 THE SWEET - Sweet Pat: our mother and grandmother.  Grandma Pat (GP) is dearly missed and yet she continues to influence our lives with the memory of her grace and unconditional love, and by her passion for gardening, cooking and birds.  

When GP was managing her life with cancer, we realized that the nutritional supplements she took were truly helping her handle the treatments.  We also realized there is a lot of fear around using natural products with standard treatments for cancer and chronic illness.   As a result, we strongly believe that the best approach is to prevent cancer and chronic illness. 

Our health brand intends to make this a little easier for your everyday life.  By sharing recipes, ideas and products, we want to help you be healthy and well into and through your golden years.  We want you to enjoy a Sweet River of Wellness in your everyday. 

 THE RIVER - We've been strongly influenced by traditional healers and teachers; exemplified by a local legend,  the late Chief Two Trees of the Western North Carolina Cherokee.  And by Karen's mentor and friend, the late Bill Mitchell, ND and founder of Bastyr College. 





Enjoy your visit!