About Karen

If you are suffering from unseemly belly fat, bloating, weight gain despite a good diet, low energy, and slowing metabolism--you are in the right place. 


Karen Hardie, Integrative Health Coach and Herbalist with a specialty in Boosting Metabolism Over 40

Let’s start here, (check all that apply):

I’m here because I …

  1. Have embarrassing belly fat
  2. Keep gaining weight even though I eat well or diet
  3. Have bloating and/or puffiness
  4. Weight tends to be in my mid-section
  5. Have dry skin or brittle hair
  6. Notice a slowing metabolism (is your temperature low?)
  7. Diets are no longer work like they used to


Well there is GREAT NEWS my friend! There is no wrong answer.  If any, or all, of the above apply to you, you’re in the right spot.


I’m Karen Hardie and it’s my goal to help you figure out how to boost your metabolism so you can:

  • get rid of the slow weight gain
  • look and feel great
  • have a trim and strong body
  • not starve in the process!




My serious look 

Why I’m passionate about Boosting Metabolism


Even when I was younger, I was very thin.  Once I hit mid-life, that all changed! My metabolism really shifted.  

It wasn’t until I started tracking my calories and realized that I was eating too little, far too few calories each day,  that I really began to understand how my metabolism had flip-flopped. 

I had taken "low carb and low calorie" too far. As my metabolism naturally started slowing in my 40s, I responded by eating less which only further slowed the metabolism.

I've done various low-carb approaches over the years and with more success when I was younger.  Once that wasn't working any longer, I tried eating smaller portions and  restricting other foods I love. I've long ago cut out all artificial or refined foods.  What had worked for me when I was younger simply was no longer effective.  Not surprising when you account for the dwindling hormones of mid-life. 

It turns out,  adding calories back in caused my metabolism to increase!  Having enough to eat helped turn my metabolism back on.  My body began to convert the fat into protein. 

It was such a revelation for me, I realized I had been starving myself, restricting carbs and calories to the result of my body hanging onto every calorie it could. 

The lower level of hormones that resulted from consistent low calorie consumption (thyroid hormones)  stopped me from burning calories for energy. 

No wonder my energy was low and I was gaining weight despite all the dieting and clean eating approach.


I bought and studied several programs for metabolism over 40. 

While they all had some good ideas, I found they contained a lot of confusing and conflicting information. Most of the programs didn't include clear steps to take.  Some of them wanted you to buy the next level to get to the good stuff.  

Now, I use a combination of these theories around how to correct metabolism over 40.  Using multiple methods keeps the body from getting comfortable and adapting to a diet.  This is a key for the Over 40 crowd! 


Using the techniques I learned from my Health Coach training, I’ve developed a step-by-step program for others like you to follow. 

You too can create your own custom approach to eating for metabolism. 

I am passionate to share this program with you.


In addition to metabolism, weight and health is undoubtedly affected by inflammation, insulin resistance, and toxicity. 

We address all of this in the Hungry for Change Program...and more! 

It was diving into personal transformation via my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) that inspired me to figure out why I couldn't get rid of the  belly fat! I tried multiple diets, elimination diets, restricting many food and drinks I love. No success. Still struggling with the mid-life mid-section.

After receiving my Certification in May 2019, I took my interest even further with an advanced course on Gut Health through IIN.  

Finally, it was assessing my calorie intake and resetting my metabolism that really changed the game for me. 

With new vigor and metabolism that now works for me, along with an increase in my work out intensity, I finally noticed results!

Slowly, my body started to grow stronger, muscle definition increased, and my figure started re-appearing. Joyfully, along with my clothes fitting better, my confidence in my own skin has returned.  I have more energy now that I've corrected my metabolic rate.  I have better skin. 


What I've done within Hungry for Change,  is taken the best of other program ideas and blended them with my own observations on health from studying herbal medicine and nutritional science. 



Gate at the California School of Herbal Studies, where I lived and learned from 1989-1991. 

Now, I am convinced that everyone over 40 can benefit from assessing their own metabolic rate.  You may be too high or too low.  There is no standard right approach for everyone.  Each human is unique and taking a bio-individual approach to developing an eating plan makes a lot of sense.  

Customization is an integral part of my coaching program and a topic I love to discuss. 

Many people are unaware of the connection between metabolism and weight.  Even though I studied health for many years, I had only vague ideas of the hormonal connections with weight including thyroid, leptin, ghrelin, human growth hormone and insulin.  I didn't really pay attention to how the metabolic system worked until I realized I had practically all the symptoms of low thyroid hormone production.


The good news is that it IS possible to reset your metabolism and figure out an approach to eating that works exactly for you.  


The Hungry for Change Program is designed to allow you to customize your own best healthy eating plan. 

I explain the varying theories and you can choose the one that makes the most sense to try first.  OR you can combine approaches in a way that makes sense for your life, body and needs.  Identifying food sensitivities is also sometimes an important key to correcting balance with inflammation, toxins and belly fat or extra weight. 

Together we will work within the pillars of good nutrition to develop a life-long eating plan that includes room for occasional indulgences and a reasonable amount of healthy carbs on a weekly basis.  It's all about what works in your life, with your needs, and based on your goals. 


Karen at the River


My approach to health coaching personalizes the process to each individual. 

Food is only one part of overall wellness so rest assured we will also talk about other areas of your life including emotional wellness, physical fitness, sleep, financial wellness and relationships. 

All of these areas make up the whole person and all are connected to how you feel and how your body metabolizes.   


On a more personal note~

I love walking in the rain


A few more random facts about me:

  • I traveled around in a van when I was just 18-19 years old, camping, hiking, and touring natural hot springs on the West Coast

  • During that time, I got lost in the Wind River Wilderness in Wyoming for 3 days which led me to an interest in wild edible foods and to the California School of Herbal Studies

  • I met Carlos Santana in San Francisco! He and I were standing in at the War Memorial Opera House to pick up our tickets for a Miles Davis show. Oh yea, Mr. Santana was an absolute sweetheart and bombarded me with questions about my life!

  • I wanted to be a Rockette when I was a little girl and I still love tap dance

  • My biggest accomplishment in life is to have raised a smart, strong, and compassionate daughter who is my pride and joy

  • I love going to the gym and listening to podcasts, it feels like a little escape from the day

  • In early 2001 I spent 17 days in Ecuador on a trip to meet local healers across the country with an Ecuadorian ethnobotanist and the godmother of herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar

  • In 2011, I got to meet Paul Stamets (a famous mycologist) and tour his mushroom labs in Washington State. This means a lot to me because I am a huge fan of fungi!

  • I love a Sunday hike with my boyfriend


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