Herbal Videos and Podcasts

Botanical Medicine: The late Dr Jim Duke sings Appalachian herb songs, a gem! 

Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine: Free online courses from notable herbalists.

Bio-Regional Herbalist with CoreyPine Shane: Free online course by CoreyPine Shane of Blue Ridge School.

Southern Appalachian Herbs


Patricia (my fellow student from CSHS  back in the day) takes us on a sweet herb walk in a mountain cove during spring. The same walk is broken down into 4 segments and she gives a nice overview of how to identify and some ways the plant is used. 

Part One - Chickweed, Maidenhair Fern, and Wild Geranium
Part Two - Blue Cohosh, Bane Berry, and Trillium
Part Three - Yellow Root, Toothwort, and Dwarf Ginseng
Part Four - May Apple, Golden Seal and Blood Root

Video on Cherokee Traditional Healing


Cherokee Elder “Mandy” Swimmer: Mandy describes how her parents put up cabbage, potatoes by burying with grass and covering with a mound of dirt.

Note: there is a rather long-winded introduction; if you want to skip ahead to where Ms. Swimmer begins to speak, shoot for 3:08. 

Cherokee Elder Betty Jo Smith: Cooks a traditional meal.

Cherokee Foraging Tradition: Wild onions, Cherokee family style.


Videos on Foraging


Learn Your Land: series of videos on plant ID with a focus on mushrooms.

Collecting Wild Edible Mushrooms: Intro to mushrooming.

Eat The Weeds with Green Deane: video collection of foraging tips and tricks.

Identify That Plant: A detailed look at characteristics of a number of different herbs and trees.


Videos on Fermentation


The Unprocessed Life with Toby Rae: A series of videos on eating unprocessed foods by making things yourself, focused on fermentation.


Virtual Herb Walk


Virtual Plant Walk: Jane Bothwell’s virtual plant walk. Not quite a video but we think you will enjoy! 


Herbal Radio and Podcasts


The Herbal Highway: Weekly Herbal Radio Show!

The Practical Herbalist: An informative site and blog, plus you can join their “Herbal Nerd Society” at a reasonable cost for access to more info.