Safety of Essential Oils

Are essential oils safe?  

When used correctly and carefully, yes! 
However, caution must be used, even with external use of oils

Essential oils (e.o.) are the  volatile (oily) components distilled from a plant.  These concentrated oils can have strong effects!  

We recommend use of essential oils as an external-only application

Some basic guidelines to using e.o. safely

  • Use diluted
  • Use externally
  • Do not continue use if you notice any unwanted side effects (like headache or belly ache)
  • Do not use internally
  • Limit exposure (to avoid de-sensitization)
  • Remember that "less is more"
  • Anyone can have a reaction to any substance so ...
  • Use common sense
  • Check with your MD, or qualified health practitioner, for questions about specific conditions
  • If you are pregnant or lactating, use extreme caution as many oils are not gentle enough.  


Because e.o. works via the olfactory system (sense of smell) it is not necessary  to ingest the oils!  It's usually not even beneficial to ingest! 

Some companies do recommend the internal use of oils on a fairly aggressive scale, I disagree with this approach.  Ingesting oils is a relatively new practice and I do believe we will start to see side effects if this trend continues.  

The classic approach is to use any e.o. diluted

  • in a carrier oil to be massaged in to a local area
  • or if you're lucky you'll get a full body massage!
  • in a mist spray for face or room
  • in a diffuser
  • in a bath, perhaps with epsom salts, baking soda or a carrier oil

NOTE: When diffusing: only run for 20 min per session

Any additional saturation is overkill, as you can only absorb so much at once. Plus over use will tend to cause sensitivity, where you can no longer smell the scent or it doesn't work as effectively. 

NOTE: Two common e.o. are considered safe to use undiluted (neat) on the skin: lavender and tea tree.  I personally carry a lavender with me most anywhere I go!  It is my all-time numero uno "go to"  for first aid!  Here's why. 

NOTE: I only use essentials oils externally, with one exception. I'll allow a drop of peppermint oil in Christmas cookies or brownies.  Just 1-2 drops for a whole batch!   



Visit our e.o. and aromatherapy collection for details on what we sell and more ideas on how to safely use e.o.! 

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