Safety of Herbs

Are herbs safe? This is an extraordinarily important topic.  While many herbs are considered foods, there are most certainly some contraindications and side-effects associated with some of the stronger herbals.  Or even some foods!   We like to encourage you to prevent any problems by using common sense. 

If you have any medical concerns, take a pharmaceutical, or have any special conditions (like pregnancy or lactation) you MUST consult with your MD or qualified health practitioner or pharmacist for drug interactions, contraindications, or cautions specific to your area/s of concern.  Cautions can  sometimes include foods!  Be sure to educate yourself by talking with the experts.     

  • There are some known contra-indications or possible side-effects with medicinal plants. 
  • There are also some known GRAS (generally recognized as safe), and food-like herbs. 

The information on this site features the safe, food-like herb category!  

We'd still like to provide you with information, though  it's a daunting task to think of publishing all the pertinent detail on the topic of side effects and contraindications of herbs at large. Fortunately, there is a superb resource which has already done so!!

The Botanical Safety Handbook.   

This brilliant book is published by the American Herbal Products Association, and found for sale at AHPA's site as an online or hard cover version.   

This is a fairly expensive book but a fantastic resource I use often.  If you are a serious student of herbals, I highly recommend this text! 



Find some useful free information at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health website.  


David Winston shares some useful guidelines as well. 


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