Three Sisters Vinegar

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5 oz of a traditional vinegar infused with classic herbs for bone and digestion health.  Add a bitter note to your meals and boost your digestion at the same time!  

Chickweed, Motherwort, and Mugwort in Apple Cider Vinegar

From the company...

Because vinegar is more acidic than alcohol or water, it is the best medium for extracting minerals. Minerals support the bones as well as the hormonal, nervous, and immune systems. Our herbs are either locally organically cultivated or sustainably wildcrafted and harvested by hand during their seasons of peak freshness and potency. In order to make sure that the final product is optimally effective, we carefully harvest the plants according to their unique cycles and seasons, before immersing them immediately into vinegar. This blend then steeps in a carefully controlled environment for at least six weeks to reach its full strength, before being decanted and bottled by hand and with love. 


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