Blood Pressure Take Care

Blood Pressure Take Care

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Concentrated herbal formula featuring 300 mg of a clinically studied Grape Seed Extract, shown to provide significant improvement to blood pressure measurements.

The herbs are in their "whole form" meaning they contain many positive actions.  As such, the formula provides actions to help support overall health, as it relates to easing the stress so often associated with elevated blood pressure. 

These supportive actions encourage a healthy response to inflammation and improves compromised cells in the cardiovascular system, improve immune health and response to stress.  

Maitake mushrooms: a tonic food known to support blood sugar management and also provides support for a healthy inflammation response. 

Holy Basil: This gentle tea herb is beloved for it's positive benefit for stress, anxiety and depression.  Holy Basil is another strong support for healthy inflammation.  New Chapter provides a concentrated solid extract to assure you get a therapeutic dose. 

Black Currant: another tonic food with blood pressure improving properties and support for healthy capillaries in the cardiovascular system. 

Testimonials indicate this herbal formula works to keep blood pressure in a healthy range, even when other natural products have not.  

60 vegetarian capsules 

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