Bone Strength Take Care

Bone Strength Take Care

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Lithothamnium calcareum (primarily) and corallioides, with fermented D3 and K2

This is one of our favorite products so it's no surprise that it is one of New Chapter's long-term, top selling item!

Bone Strength provides calcium from a whole food source.  New Chapter uses a particular red marine algae with 15 published studies, shown to prevent osteoporosis.  This is a complete bone formula providing a bio-available source of Calcium with the synergistic K2 (from natto) and Fermented D3.  

We consider this a must have to build bone integrity, prevent challenges from bone loss, and help with inflammation.

Bone Strength can be a key part of a longevity plan, especially for post-menopausal women or any woman at greater risk for osteoporis.  Unknown to many, men lose bone density as they age too, just not as quickly as post-menopausal women do.  This product is also great for pregnant or nursing women, people with old injuries that don't want to heal and those with current injury.

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