Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

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Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) Essential Oil 

Our Cinnamon e.o. is Sri Lankan-sourced, includes both leaf and stem, and is from the so-called "true Cinnamon." 


This one is rich in eugenol.  The warm, spicy and nostalgic scent is a favorite during fall and winter.  How fortunate Cinnamon e.o. has the timely immune side benefit of being strongly antiseptic and supports inflammation, thanks to the eugenol. 

Ideas for uses: 

  • Add 2 drops to 4 oz water or salt water for an antiseptic and refreshing mouthwash
  • Make a festive massage oil with 1 part Cinnamon to 3 parts Lemon OIl
  • Diffuse throughout the holidays to create an uplifted, nostalgic mood
  • Do not use in baths, can cause skin irritation 
  • Always dilute into a diffuser or carrier oil

Blends Well With: Lemon and Sweet Orange Essential Oils


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