Hungry For Change: Stop Storing and Start Burning Fat TO Get Lean

Hungry For Change: Stop Storing and Start Burning Fat TO Get Lean

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Our premier program

is designed to allow you to make metabolic changes at a slow and steady pace with the goal of moving toward a trim figure and long-lasting health. Our mission is not weight loss so much as helping you identify, develop, and maintain a healthy eating plan that works with your body and your life. 

The weight will come off naturally as you begin to eat foods that work for you rather than the ones that do not. 

6-months is the ideal time to implement change, face challenges, and learn skills to use for the rest of your life. 

3-months works great for someone who is already pretty healthy yet wants to address an area or two that might be stuck or hindered by roadblocks. 

Some of the areas you may be struggling with include:

  • Belly fat and weight gain around the middle

  • Weight gain despite eating small amounts or restricting carbs

  • Puffiness and bloating

  • Exhaustion

  • Slowing metabolism

  • Lower hormone levels

  • Dry skin and brittle hair

  • Low body temperature

  • Brain fog or slower movement 

  • DIets no longer working

How it works: 

We start with your goals then work through: 

  • improving your diet

  • the timing of your foods

  • the types of foods you eat with a focus on alkaline foods

  • how to reduce inflammation

  • how to balance digestive hormones including insulin, leptin and ghrelin

In addition, you will receive: 

  • A workbook that allows you to plan your own custom course of action
  • A sample meal plan
  • A master grocery list 
  • Tips for making it all work

This is not a one size fits all deal. 

Because the program is one-on-one consulting, I am able to work with you to get even quicker results than you could on your own.

This is about Real Food.  Eating high-quality and low-inflammation foods.

The Real Deal. 

However, the program works IF and only if you are willing to commit.  It means you will need to be honest with yourself, make some uncomfortable changes, and let go of some old thought or behavior patterns. 

The work is yours. 

I am standing on the sidelines to cheer you on. 


1, 3, and 6-month programs Include:

  • 2 x 50-minute coaching sessions each month 

  • Relevant handouts and online resources to support your transformation

  • Q/A via email or text between sessions

  • A weekly email with support, links, recipes, and inspiration

What will you get from this journey? 

  • A set of documents and exercises that you will do on your own, including keeping a "Mood, Poop, and pH log" to go with your food and exercise log of choice. 

  • The Zoom or phone bi-monthly session is primarily designed for me to listen to your health concerns and goals, and act as a support system as you move through your own transformation.  I am the guide on the side. 

  • These sessions are also highly effective for accountability.  

  • will ask curious questions to learn more about what's keeping you from your health and wellness vision for yourself.  You will have ample time to answer. 

  • Some of our weight, inflammation, pain (or whatever ails us) might be coming from the mental, emotional, and spiritual stuff we hold on to. There will be a chance for me to listen as you unpack the beliefs that might be standing in your way. This is a no-judgment listening session.  I aim for you to have "aha" moments based on your own ability to talk it out.

  • I will gently prod you to dig deep into your own center of wisdom to come up with your own solutions.

  • The process is empowering and teaches you the skill of identifying roadblocks and solutions, for yourself.  This is a new way of taking care of your health. 

  • You will learn what foods cause inflammation and what foods boost metabolism, for you.  This is achieved by listening honestly to what your own body tells you and also as a result of keeping good records/data as you go.   

    The REAL benefits...

    • How would it feel to be truly heard?

    • How would it feel to figure out solutions to your own roadblocks? 

    • What if you set up a life where you have good health and confidence? 

    • What if you were fully in charge of your own health and wellness vision? 

      Megan P. put it this way:
      I came to my first session with Karen with a very limited idea of what “Health Coaching” might entail. I had this idea that I needed to get my eating back on track, so I put together a shopping list and meal plan to show to Karen. Through curiosity and gentle inquiry, Karen helped me realize that my goals were not as tangible as writing a meal plan or stocking the refrigerator. Each session, she helped me explore different, deeper areas of growth that she helped me access.  Karen brought a lot of kindness and care into our meetings, sharing pieces of her own journey, which helped me feel connected and understood.

      What's holding you back? 

      Please reach out with any questions!


      To honor the financial stress we are ALL feeling right now...Pricing is 50% off through July 15! 


      $125 per month


      Simply reach out for your initial  30-minute no-cost session where we can establish your goals and set up an ongoing plan for your metabolic transformation. 




      1, 3, and 6-month programs offered
      $250 per month
      Discounted 20% with a single upfront payment
      Ask about our sliding scale if you have limited resources