Glass Aromatherapy Necklace: Wear your favorite essential oil

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Handblown glass aromatherapy necklace, Asheville-made 


  • 5 ml Bliss Essential Oil Blend
  • 5 ml Serenity Essential Oil Blend
These handblown aromatherapy necklaces are handcrafted by a glass artist here in Asheville, NC! 
Each one is uniquely beautiful, with swirling colors and intricate designs. 
Shades of greens or reds.  

Comes with a simple black cord, and 3 extra corks
Measures approximately 1" width x 1.5" height.  

To use: 
  • Simply fill the glass aromatherapy necklace with a few drops of Essential Oil. hang around your neck and enjoy the aroma!
Available while supplies last