Jasmine Absolute 5% Essential Oil

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Jasmine Absolute 5% diluted in Pure Jojoba carrier oil
Jasminum Grandiflorum, J. officinale 

The 5% solution is a great way to experience the aroma and healing properties of this wonderful oil at a fraction of the cost.  It takes a vast number of blossoms (which are gathered before the sun rises) to produce only a few drops of this precious oil. 

Our Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba is an Egyptian-sourced floral e.o. with a rich, sweet scent. 

  • Emotionally warming, Jasmine oil relaxes, soothes, uplifts  and is said to assist with self confidence
  • It's a valuable oil for nervous tension and stress
  • A wonderful skincare oil, excellent for hot, dry skin
  • Jasmine has sensual properties and is known as an aphrodisiac

Try using this 5% Jasmine Absolute by massaging it directly into your skin or by adding to another blend: 

  • For a great addition to your mental wellness protocol
  • Try using it each morning as a bright and floral perfume or skin care oil with relaxing, uplifting and confidence-boosting qualities
  • A great addition to a dry skin-care regimen (can mix with 50/50 with rose hip seed oil)


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