Melissa 5% Essential Oil in Jojoba

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Melissa Essential Oil 5% in Jojoba
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) 

This 5% solution of Melissa (in Jojoba) allows you to experience the aroma and healing properties of this Melissa essential oil at a fraction of the cost. True Melissa e.o. is quite expensive, due to the large amount of plant material required to acquire the volatile oils. 

Melissa is a popular garden herb known also as Lemon Balm, with a long history of use as an antiviral bath or tea for colds and flu.  Melissa has the fortunate side benefit of having distinct uplifting qualities. 

Melissa essential oil also has a soothing but uplifting effect on the mind and body, and is useful for easing anxiety and lifting the spirit.   It's calming and anti-spasmodic qualities make it useful menstrual cramping and the associated blahs.  

This lemony delightful oil is great to add to a bath 


Blends Well With:  Rose Otto and Geranium essential oils.  A favorite combination for easing the blues: 1 tsp Melissa 5% in Jojoba with 2 drops each peppermint or bergamot.  Enjoy in a bath or as a perfume oil with uplifting qualities

NOTE: Do not use Melissa essential oil on the skin if you are going into direct sunlight. 


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