Mouse Away

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Essential Oil Blend Mouse Repellent

Are you trying to get rid of mice in your house or car? Mouse Away helps repel mice without the use of harmful poisons or cruel traps.  

Mouse Away Concentrate is an all natural mouse repellent - made with our exclusive formula that combines pure Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils in just the right combination to provide maximum effectiveness.  


Our friends who live in the high mountains had a terrible problem with mice eating the wiring harness in their car. They tried everything with no luck but they finally gave our Mouse Away Concentrate a try. They just placed it under their hood (on cotton balls) and two days later - no more mice.
We also get positive feedbacks from folks living with big city rodent problems.   

How to Use:

Use concentrate: several drops "straight" on cotton balls 

  • Place behind sinks, under cabinets (under your hood) or wherever mice are hanging out!

Use spray every 1-2 weeks, if using as primary repellent.   

To make your own spray with the concentrate:  use 1/2 oz (15 ml) of the concentrate for 8 oz distilled water.   

  • Spray it under cabinets, in basements, or wherever you see evidence of mouse activity
  • Do not spray on fine furniture, painted surfaces or on carpets - it may harm finishes and damage carpets.


Please note we don't recommend Mouse Away for use outside. There's too much ventilation and the oils will evaporate too quickly to be effective.