Serenity Essential Oil Blend

Serenity Essential Oil Blend

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Blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Marjoram, Petitgrain and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

Serenity is formulated with beautifully fragrant and deeply comforting oils.  Serenity is supportive to the mind, body and spirit.  This blend is especially useful during times of unusual stress and tension.  Many of these oils have the side-benefit of being good for the skin. 


Ideas for use:

  • Great for use in a diffuser at home or work
  • Diluted in a carrier oil for massage 
  • Wear diluted in a carrier for a comforting perfume
  • Add to a bath for stress reduction, 2-4 drops direct or in a tsp of carrier oil
  • Nice blend for traveling, to help with the inevitable stress
  • Simply put 2 drops on a tissue and inhale for a quick re-focus

Enjoy, this is one of our very favorites!

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