6-week jumpstart program: Splash!

6-week jumpstart program: Splash!

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A 6-week jumpstart version of the Sweet River Run 6-month program

Rather than the highly personalized and gentle-paced approach of the other programs, Splash takes you through a more fixed list of exercises around personal growth and health.  This program is designed to help you set your goals and make a big Splash toward progress on your personal goals for health and happiness.   Be ready to focus on yourself and dedicate some time to doing a little self-homework during the short, high energy program.


 Splash, a 6-week immersive jumpstart to health


  • Weekly 30-minute call (6 total) 
  • Personalized email support
  • Handouts based on your goals


Topics will include:

  • physical goals
  • eating and habits goals
  • budget and finance goals
  • family and relationship goals
  • spiritual goals


The 30-minute call does give us a chance to personalize the program to some extent. The initial session is for overall goal setting and to review your current eating habits.


$75 per week ($450)
Discounted to $385 with a single upfront payment