Sweet River Wellness Summer Box

Sweet River Wellness Summer Box

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Want to look and feel good this summer?  We put together a few of our favorite summer staples in this box!

  • New Chapter's Ginger Solid Extract, 60 count  Digestion, nausea, immune and inflammation support

  • New Chapter's WholeMega, 120 count  Get plenty of nourishing Omega 3s

  • Red Moon Herb's Green Wonder Salve, 1 oz  For summer scrapes and abrasions of all sorts

  • Sweet River Wellness Lavender, essential oil, 5 ml  Our #1 first aid item: we put it under the salve on any kind of cut, scrape or even burns.  It'll clean a dirty cut and heal it at the same time.

  • Asheville Tea Company Mountain Mint, small loose leaf pouch  Enjoy a refreshing (and cooling) cup of mint tea grown here in the Asheville region.  Mints can literally bring down your core body temperature, making it a wonderful choice for iced tea on a hot summer day.

  • Tea Strainer  So you can make a cup of tea with your Mountain Mint Loose Leaf! 

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