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A 6-Month Transformative Health Coaching Program

Work with me, herbalist and integrative nutrition health coach Karen Hardie, to reduce stress, reduce inflammation, identify roadblocks to your personal goals, and make the small changes that will transform the rest of your life.  This is not dieting or a temporary fix.  This is a new way to live your best life.   

Why does health coaching work?

Health coaches are trained to create a supportive environment that enables YOU to articulate and achieve your goals. I have learned cutting-edge dietary theory and coaching techniques that help my clients make small changes over 6 months.  The cumulative effect of small changes really adds up, more than you think possible!  You can expect big results thanks to a personalized approach to finding the best nutrition for you while focusing on other primary health goals. 

Why 6 months? 

Each session is designed to leave you feeling inspired and motivated.  We will talk about food and so much more.  Our mutual goal is to seek balance in all areas of your life.  Quite often, it is the non-food areas which are acting as roadblocks. 

You will have a chance to discuss your own unique life and health goals, at length.  Together, we will then explore healthy habits to help you crowd out any habits not serving you well.  Sticking with the program for 6 months allows for deep change to occur.  Our 12 sessions together give ample time to cover all aspects of your health including relationships, finances and other typical stressors. 

An accountability partner (me) can be a strong motivation to take action.  I will be checking in with your progress.  In other words, I am a metaphorical kick in the butt!   We will navigate the natural ups and downs of your progress together.  You will develop new skills to use for the rest of your life. 

Why would this be for you? 

  • Are you a busy and stressed-out professional who is stuck in a rut? 
  • Are you dealing with high stress?
  • Do you have a lot of inflammation and need help to break free of the associated pain?
  • Do you feel like your diet needs an overhaul?
  • Do you need help letting go of sugar, alcohol or any other escape habit? 
  • Are you unsure of which diet is going to work best?
  • Would you like a customized program designed to address your main concerns? 
  • Would you like to work with a trained "listener" who will help you dig into personal roadblocks?

Our Sweet River Run 6-Month Program helps you move from knowing what to do-- to actually doing it. 

If you could use a listening ear, a cheerleader and an accountability partner rolled into one, this might be just the program for you!

We will focus on multiple channels for improving health and habits, such as:

  • Bio-individuality and personalized nutrition
  • Stress solutions with increased access to rest and restoration for the nervous system 
  • Inflammation solutions focused on herbals, foods, and supplements 
  • Deconstructing cravings
  • Crowding out unhealthy habits by crowding in healthful replacements


Could one call could change your life?

Book your FREE LISTENING SESSION (phone call) to explore your health goals and learn how I might help you get to the next level with your personal goals. 

We will spend 45 minutes to discuss your goals and concerns.  If it seems I could help you even more with your goals, we go from there. 

Karen Hardie, Certified Herbalist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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