Herbal Health Coaching

Herbal Health Coaching

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Do you have questions about how to begin implementing herbals and other natural health approaches?   

Individualized wellness planning with an emphasis on herbal support

with Karen Hardie

Certified Herbalist || Health & Wellness Coach

Available In person (Asheville, NC Area) or by phone

Together, we look at your overall health and set an individualized plan for your breakthrough to optimized health and vitality

NOTE: I am not a physician and will not diagnose or treat your illness.  Instead, we will work together, with your qualified health care provider, to develop a supportive approach that includes herbs and possibly other supplements or lifestyle suggestions.   My goal it to help you stay healthy, help you prevent chronic illness and help you develop improved health now and long term.   This is a practical "how to" experience, designed to encourage you take charge of your own wellness. 

Your wellness consult includes 2 meetings or phone calls

Initial meeting or call:

  • An extensive review of your health history, including your current daily health routine and factors
  • Review of your immediate and long-term health goals
  • Review of logistics and demands of your daily life
  • Deep look at your overall daily food and water intake, exercise, and any stress management or other health approaches you may be taking
  • Guidance is then given to get you started on a new level, a striving for clean living.  It's not a diet.  Rather, we create a plan to your improve your health and maximize your daily wellness activities.  You will then implement the plan in at least 2 steps. 
  • You begin implementing step 1 of the plan for the next 2-4 weeks


Follow up meeting or call:

  • Karen will do some further research and develop strategic next steps to support your health goals 
  • We schedule a follow up meeting or call in 2-4 weeks, to add next steps and change anything based on the results you've gotten
  • For many, the initial meeting or call and follow up meetings or calls will be all you need
  • For more the complex situations, results are typically achieved within 3-6 months and may benefit from a couple of extra follow ups  

 20% discount will be offered to all clients on any products from the Sweet River Wellness online store. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.