Yes, Yes, Yes!~  A 3-month foundational program

Yes, Yes, Yes!~ A 3-month foundational program

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Yes, Yes, Yes!

A 3-month foundational version of the Sweet River Run 6-month program.  


  • 2 x 1-hour coaching sessions each month (6 total)
  • Personalized research and recommendations during follow up emails (12 or more).
  • Relevant handouts and online resources to support your growth. 
  • Personalized gift at the program’s end to help you along your health journey
Topics will include a review of your current relationship with and goals for:
  • Physical activity
  • Food patterns and eating choices
  • Helpful and not-so-helpful habits and/or cravings 
  • Budget and finance
  • Family and relationships
  • Spiritual practice 
The bi-monthly session is primarily designed for me to listen to your health concerns and goals.  During our sessions, you have a chance to fully discuss your goals and challenges. Together, we will explore new strategies that make more sense for you.  I encourage you to say out loud what you need to do, and then I'll check in with you about it at the next visit. 

The follow-up notes will contain some additional guidance and limited (typically 1-3) recommendations for you to implement. 
The program is self-directed meaning you will be able to customize any recommendations to what makes sense for you.  I hold you accountable but not to strict adherence.  Rather, this is a chance for you to take charge of your own health decisions and practices. You can learn what serves your health and what does not.  Needs are bio-individual, different for each.  I will be your "guide on the side" as you become more in tune with your own needs. 

 $250 per month ($750)
Discounted to $600 with a single upfront payment